Biden’s Approval Ratings Rebound Amid Democratic Wins, Trump Probe

Joe Biden has made a remarkable rebound in his approval ratings amid the Democratic midterm wins and the Trump probe.

A recent poll by Morning Consult/Politico has found that the former vice president’s approval rating has gone up by ten points since October, from 42% to 52%.

This is good news for Biden, who is widely expected to run for president in 2020. The poll also found that Trump’s approval rating has fallen by four points, from 42% to 38%.

The Democratic wins in the midterms are clearly helping Biden, as are the investigations into Trump’s campaign and administration.

Biden’s favorability ratings have also gone up, from 48% to 54%.

This is likely due to the fact that Biden is seen as a more mainstream Democrat than Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. He is also seen as someone who can unite the Democratic Party.

The Morning Consult/Politico poll also found that 52% of Americans believe that Trump has done something illegal, while only 37% believe that he has done nothing wrong.

This is a major shift from October, when 49% of Americans believed that Trump had done nothing wrong.

Democratic Wins and Ratings Rebound Amid Democratic Wins

Democrats rode a wave of dissatisfaction with President Donald Trump to make impressive electoral gains in last week’s midterm elections, picking up more than the 23 seats they needed to retake the House of Representatives. But the party’s success wasn’t just limited to the federal level: Democrats also made significant inroads in state and local elections.

The result was a rebound in the ratings for the Democratic Party, which had suffered significant losses in opinion polls in the wake of Trump’s inauguration. According to the latest Gallup poll, the Democratic Party now enjoys a five-point advantage over the Republican Party in terms of party identification, the largest lead the party has held in over a decade.

Democrats’ success in the midterms was due in large part to their focus on bread-and-butter issues like healthcare and the economy. In contrast, the Republican Party’s obsession with divisive social issues like immigration and gun control cost it support among suburban voters.

Democrats will now face the challenge of translating their electoral success into legislative action. In the House, they will be in control of the committees and will be able to set the legislative agenda. In the Senate, the Democrats will likely be in the minority, but they will be able to block the Republicans’ legislative agenda and conduct vigorous oversight of the Trump administration.

The Democratic Party’s resurgence is good news for the country, as it will ensure that the Trump administration is held to account and that important issues like healthcare are debated and addressed.


Biden’s approval ratings have rebounded in the past few months, thanks in part to the Democrats’ midterm wins and the Trump probe. Although he is still trailing Trump in the polls, Biden’s ratings are on the rise, and he is now considered a serious contender for the 2020 nomination.

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